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Your Ideal Caribbean Beach Vacation

What are the basic essentials that will make an exciting Caribbean vacation? Endless stretches of beaches, crystal clear blue/green seas, boats, bikinis and a luxurious resort. . If you are planning a honeymoon or a vacation with your family, then Tobago is the place to be.

Tobago was the place Robert Louis Stevenson had in mind when he wrote ‘Treasure Island’. With a diverse mix of cultures and ethnic groups and boasting beautiful beaches, rainforests, mountain tops and lush scenery, Tobago is indeed a treasure.

There are afforble flights to Trinidad and Tobago from most of the major cities in the U.S and around the world. But you have to make sure that you book your reservations early during the peak season of summer when school gives out.

Getting to Tobago: Half Moon Blue Hotel, Tobago

Arriving from Europe or America

    from the Caribbean and London and New York, "nonstop" to Tobago (twice a week).
    from London "nonstop" to Tobago (twice a week).
    from Frankfurt "nonstop" to Tobago (twice a week).
    fly "nonstop" from Miami and New York to Trinidad's Piarco Airport.
    fly "direct" from Gatwick to Tobago (twice a week).
    from London "nonstop" to Tobago (twice a week).
    Delta Airway from Atlanta etc.

U.S, Canadian and E.U. Citizens need only a passport.

Tobago at a glance: Half Moon Blue Hotel, Tobago


50.000. Predominantly African descent, though there are also a few East Indians, Caucasians and Chinese. Language is English.


Tobago is one hour later than Eastern Standard Time, and six hours after Central European Time.


The Trinidad and Tobago Dollar (TT$), about $6,30TT to the USD. The US dollar is commonly accepted, so are most credit cards (Visa or Master Card).


Balmy winter highs range from 75 to 85°F (30°C), summers just a few degrees warmer.

Wet sunshine between October and November. The island lies beyond the usual hurricane paths.